National cooperation

Amgros has an important role in the Danish healthcare system. We serve as a link to finding solutions that benefit many parties. This requires that we have in-depth knowledge about each other and understand the world that we each represent.

Amgros plays an active role in developing the healthcare system. We forge cooperation with and between all parties who help ensure that hospitals have the right pharmaceuticals, hearing aids and medical devices available to treat patients at public hospitals.

Amgros cooperation partners in the healthcare sector
We work with many different players. Together we find solutions that ultimately benefit patients. We work holistically and constantly strive to serve as a link and create cohesion.

This requires different skills and expertise. And above all, it demands that we have solid insight into the different contexts in which we operate. In order to be able to help and challenge our cooperation partners, we have to understand their routines, their needs and their challenges.

This is why at Amgros, we apply a triple-bottom-line strategy integrating the political-administrative environment, the clinical-professional environment and commercial suppliers.


Political/administrative environment

  • Danish Ministry of Health
  • Danish Regions
  • Regions of Denmark
  • Danish Medicines Agency
  • Etcetera

Clinical professionel environment

  • Danish Medicines Council
  • Hospital pharmacies
  • Pharmaceutical committees
  • Procurement departments
  • Hearing clinics
  • User groups
  • Physicians professional organisations

Commercial suppliers

  • The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (LIF)
  • The Danish Generic and Biosimilars Medicines Industry Association (IGL)
  • Parallel Trade association in Denmark (PFL)
  • Suppliers of e.g. pharmaceuticals
  • Hearing aids
  • IT
  • Raw materials
  • Consultancy services
  • Etcetera.



Amgros is owned by the Regions. We contribute solutions and knowledge that the Regions can translate into better health solutions. We help the Regions to make decisions on an informed basis, so that they can support and realise their activities.


Amgros works closely with Danish Regions, the Danish Ministry of Health and the Danish Medicines Agency on the more strategic development of our business. This ensures that we work in a common direction. We service the Danish government and parliament (Folketinget) by providing knowledge and insight, and by drawing up specific analyses. In this way, we help prepare and promote the legislative process.


Hospital pharmacies are among our closest cooperation partners. Through cooperation, we make sure that the part of the healthcare sector for which we are jointly responsible always meets the needs of hospitals and requirements from our surroundings. Working with the hospital pharmacies, we have established a cooperation structure in which we focus on efficient operation and we develop new initiatives within procurement, logistics and tendering procedures, manufacture, clinical pharmacy and development of competences.

Hospital pharmacies in Denmark

Capital Region of Denmark Pharmacy
Region Zealand Hospital Pharmacy
Hospital Pharmacy of Funen
Hospital of Southern Jutland Hospital Pharmacy
Esbjerg Hospital Pharmacy
Lillebælt Hospital Pharmacy
Central Denmark Region Hospital Pharmacy
North Denmark Region Hospital Pharmacy

Together with experts from hearing clinics, we set out the requirements that form the basis for our tendering procedures for hearing aids. After Amgros has set up a framework agreement with a supplier, we help the public hearing clinics by following up on stock control and deliveries of hearing aids to citizens. Therefore, we maintain close dialogue with hearing clinics, both to strengthen our collaboration and in order to keep up to date with developments in the area.


The Danish Medicines Council decides whether the public hospitals should use a new pharmaceutical or a new indication for an existing pharmaceutical as a standard treatment. Amgros has been supplying health economic evaluations and negotiated prices for the Medicines Council since the Council was established in 2017.

Since 1 January 2020, the Danish Medicines Council has taken over the task of assessing healthcare economic analyses. These healthcare economic analyses are included in assessments of whether the added value of a pharmaceutical matches the additional costs in connection with use. Amgros and the Danish Medicines Council work together to develop and streamline processes so that hospitals can start using new pharmaceuticals very quickly.


Manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and hearing aids from all over the world are important partners for Amgros. It is in everybody's interest that as many suppliers as possible want to market their products on the Danish market.

We have a close dialogue with suppliers and their trade associations. We listen to their needs and balance solutions so that they are attractive for both them and us. This applies when we organise tendering procedures, when we optimise security of supply and when we negotiate prices of new pharmaceuticals.

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National cooperation

International cooperation

Together we are larger and stronger. This is the fundamental philosophy behind our work with players in other countries. Denmark is a small country with a small market, but with other countries, we can enhance our position and become a stronger cooperation partner for suppliers. At the same time, suppliers can be part of a bigger market. This should benefit all parties.

National cooperation

Cooperation partners

In a complex landscape with many players, our focus is on securing solid operations, while at the same time thinking innovatively and being flexible and agile.