Rapid and efficient changes of medicines

Amgros works closely with the regions - hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical committees and clinical pharmacologists - to ensure that new medicines get into use rapidly as standard treatment at hospitals - and thereby get to patients quickly too. Together, we also ensure that the regions can reap the savings as soon as possible because the medicine will have been through our national tendering procedure.

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23. MARCH 2022

It is a complex matter. Both when we are making sure that new medicines get out to patients at public hospitals; and when medicines at hospital pharmacies and on hospital shelves are to be replaced because other medicines have beaten the competition in a national tendering procedure.

Therefore, in Denmark we have established a specially structured set-up with collaboration between hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical committees, clinical pharmacologists, economists and Amgros.

Read more about our structured set-up and collaboration on our website.

Karen Torgny

Senior communication specialist

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