Cost analyses for therapeutic areas

The expert committees at the Danish Medicines Council prepare treatment guidelines for a therapeutic area. The treatment guidelines include the clinical basis for comparison, which describes what drugs and dosages are equal for the individual indications. Amgros will then prepare an expanded basis for comparison on behalf of the Danish Medicines Council. This consists of the clinical basis for comparison, as well as a cost analysis of the resource consumption linked to using the individual equal pharmaceuticals.

When Amgros is to estimate resource consumption, we ask relevant departments and hospital pharmacies to answer specific questions in relation to the use of the equal pharmaceuticals. This process helps ensure that the resource estimates reflect Danish clinical practice as well as possible. In order to ensure the best possible foundation for the assessment, Amgros also reviews any existing Danish literature and includes other relevant material. Suppliers are welcome to submit health economic analyses of current therapeutic areas to

When we have estimated resource consumption, we conduct a cost analysis. This enriches the expanded basis for comparison with unit costs for the resources included, as well as prices for the pharmaceuticals included. The pharmaceuticals prices we use in the cost analyses are list prices (purchase prices for pharmacies excl. VAT). We use the same framework for resource consumption and costs in the expanded basis for comparison as described in the Danish Medicines Council Guidelines for cost analyses of new medicines and indications in the hospital sector

The Medicines Council has to approve the expanded basis for comparison. After approval, the Danish Medicines Council publishes it on its website. After this, Amgros uses the approved basis for comparison as the basis for the subsequent tendering procedure.


The final basis for comparison is the expanded basis for comparison in which we replace list prices with bid prices from the tendering round. The Danish Medicines Council prepares the pharmaceuticals recommendation using the final basis of comparison.

The pharmaceuticals recommendation is published on the Danish Medicines Council website.

We follow up on observance of pharmaceuticals recommendations by the Regions by preparing quarterly monitoring reports (in Danish).

We look at the costs of healthcare staff too

When Amgros is to assess which pharmaceutical is cheapest within the same therapeutic area, we take a holistic approach. This means that we not only look at pharmaceuticals prices themselves, but we also take into account the costs of actually using the drug


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Cost analyses for therapeutic areas

Analogue competition

When the Danish Medicines Council is to assess several pharmaceuticals within the same therapeutic area, it prepares treatment guidelines.

Cost analyses for therapeutic areas

Health economics

Is there is a reasonable relationship between the added clinical value from a new pharmaceutical compared with the existing treatment, and the costs this entails?


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