Medical devices

Working with the Regions Joint Procurement, Amgros develops and conducts tendering procedures for selected medical devices. Our task is to ensure the range and quality of products. By consolidating procurement, we help secure savings for the Regions. We help in particular in areas in which we can draw on our close collaboration with hospital pharmacies and experience with tendering procedures for medicines.

Photographer: Anne-Li Engström

Since 2014, Amgros has cooperated with RFI - The Regions Joint Procurement on tendering procedures for medical devices for Danish public hospitals. This is still a new area for Amgros, and we are currently developing systems and procedures in collaboration with the Regions.

We have helped in procurement of cleaning agents, radioactive pharmaceuticals elastomeric pumps, mesh nets, etc.


There are huge savings potentials from buying in bulk across the Regions.
Common tendering procedures for medical devices across Regions mean that the public healthcare system can use its resources more efficiently.


When procuring medical devices across Regions, it is vital that the devices fit with clinical routines. There is a lot to consider. Therefore, preparation and collaboration are key to developing successful tendering procedures for this area.

We work closely with user groups consisting of experts and clinics from hospital pharmacies and hospitals. Together, we cover specific needs, and on this basis we define a comprehensive specification of requirements for the tendering procedure.

The process of preparing tendering procedures for medical devices is long and intensive. It often takes more than a year to plan a tendering procedure.


All current tendering procedures for medical devices are located in the EU TED database (Tenders Electronic Daily).

Our job is to strengthen our work on procurement of medical devices with the common regional procurement cooperation.
Nina Uldal,
director of Tendering Procedures and Negotiation

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Medical devices

Hearing aids

After a medical examination, all Danes with reduced hearing are entitled to a hearing aid from the public system every four years.

Medical devices

About Amgros

We secure supplies of medicines for public hospitals through efficient procurement and tendering procedures. We are advisors and consultants for key players in the healthcare sector, with whom we share important and highly specialist knowledge. Thus, Amgros helps provide the right conditions for better health solutions.