Pipeline meetings

Horizon Scanning regularly organises pipeline meetings with pharmaceutical companies. At these meetings, we talk about what medicines will be marketed in Denmark over the next two to three years. The dialogue at pipeline meetings contributes valuable insight and knowledge for both us and our suppliers.

Photographer: Anne-Li Engström

Pipeline meetings with pharmaceutical companies are an important source of information for Amgros, via Horizon Scanning, to forecast the medicines we can expect to be marketed on the Danish market in the future.

The companies describe what they expect to launch in the years to come. This applies for new medicines and new indications for existing medicines. 

At pipeline meetings, we ask the pharmaceutical companies to supply specific and structured information about relevant medicines. For example:

  • Pharmaceutical substance and trade (brand) name
  • Planned indication
  • Medicinal value compared with existing treatment
  • Timetable for application, authorisation and launch
  • Population of patients who may be relevant users of the medicine in Denmark
  • Possible budget impacts
  • Information about upcoming patent expiries
  • Expected price



Amgros takes part in pipeline meetings with representatives from Horizon Scanning and other relevant departments. This means that medicines suppliers have an opportunity to meet our specialists and ask questions.

Amgros always processes data from pipeline meetings confidentially. 

Note, however, that Amgros is subject to the Access to Public Administration Files Act. 


If you would like to book a pipeline meeting, you are most welcome to contact us on horizonscanning@amgros.dk

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Pipeline meetings

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Pipeline meetings

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Pipeline meetings

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Pipeline meetings

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Moon Raagaard


I work on a broad range of coordination tasks for the team and with our stakeholders. For example, I'm responsible for coordinating negotiation meetings at Amgros when medicines are assessed by the Danish Medicines Council.