Procurement and supply of pharmaceuticals

Together with suppliers and hospital pharmacies, Amgros ensures that the right pharmaceuticals are on shelves when they are needed to treat patients.

Amgros informs the hospital pharmacies when we have set up an agreement to purchase a pharmaceutical. After this, hospital pharmacies send their purchase orders to the supplier, which then sends the pharmaceuticals to the hospital pharmacies. There is a total of around 300,000 order lines every year. We use a well-developed and automated system so that product flows and cash flows are efficient and secure, In by far the majority of cases, the suppliers deliver pharmaceuticals completely as planned. Sometimes there are back orders of pharmaceuticals purchased according to an agreement. In these situations, Amgros’ task is to find alternative solutions.

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It is important for Amgros to create the best possible conditions for our suppliers. As a link between the two parties, hospital pharmacies and suppliers, we ensure that there is a balance between demand and supply throughout the entire supply chain. All parties must have the necessary information on time in order to react.


Amgros places demands on our suppliers. These demands are specified in our calls for tenders and contracts. They are underpinned by our Supplier and Tendering Portal, which describes in detail our expectations for cooperation. The requirements include delivery times, quality and shelf life. We expect that all suppliers live up to the requirements and we continuously monitor supplier performance.

Amgros places priority on close dialogue with all our suppliers. It is important for us to be open and to listen to suppliers so that we know about the issues they are facing. This means we can help them to deliver on time.

In addition to daily dialogue on operations, we regularly inform all suppliers about how we assess their performance. This is either via a letter or through dialogue meetings, at which we also listen to our suppliers views on the cooperation. 

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Procurement and supply

Back orders

Back orders of pharmaceuticals is a growing challenge globally. The problem arises if a supplier cannot meet demand from hospital pharmacies.

Procurement and supply

Strategic stocks

Hospital pharmacies and Amgros share a joint strategic stock. In combination with stocks at hospital pharmacies and suppliers, this is an important element in work to secure supplies of hospital medicines. Not least with respect to treatment and supply-critical medicines

Procurement and supply


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Charlotte Meinicke

Head of Procurement and Supply

My job is to help chart the strategic direction for procurement and supplies of medicines and hearing aids in close cooperation with hospital pharmacies, hearing clinics and suppliers. This secures more cost-effective healthcare solutions.