Strategic stocks

Hospital pharmacies and Amgros share a joint strategic stock. In combination with stocks at hospital pharmacies and suppliers, this is an important element in work to secure supplies of hospital medicines. Not least with respect to treatment and supply-critical medicines

At Amgros, we talk about stocks before and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Before the pandemic, the medicines procured by Amgros on behalf of the regions for public hospitals were either stored at hospital pharmacies or at suppliers.

At the start of the pandemic, the Danish Medicines Agency asked Amgros to establish a national buffer stock to cover all our product codes. There was a requirement for Denmark to have secure supplies of hospital medicines for three, six or nine months, as determined by specific guidelines.

During the pandemic, the need for a national stock solution to counteract potential supply-critical situations in the future became very clear.

After the pandemic, our Board of Directors decided to replace the buffer stock with a strategic stock, and this was established in January 2023. The stock is strategic in that we adjust stock levels to balance the need to secure supplies.

In close cooperation with hospital pharmacies, Amgros now runs this common stock facility.


Nomeco won the tendering procedure for management of the stock facility. Therefore, the strategic stock is currently located in Køge.  The facility contains between 400 and 600 product codes, primarily covering treatment-critical and supply-critical medicines.

The stock is part of Danish emergency preparedness. This means that we will store medicinal products if the Danish health authorities request to us do so.

We run the strategic storage facility on the basis of a number of principles that we have set up with hospital pharmacies. Among other things, this means that we will strive to have medicines in stock for between two and four months’ consumption. Whether it is a two or four months depends on current and expected supply challenges for the individual medicines.

Even though we are not yet able to document that the strategic stocks have reduced the number of back orders, there is no doubt that, with other initiatives by ourselves and by the hospital pharmacies, it has an important role in securing supplies of hospital medicines.
Flemming Sonne,
Chief Executive Officer

Besides this common strategic stock, the regions’ hospital pharmacies still have their own stocks. These supplement the strategic stock, as they usually have stocks of medicines to meet their local needs for a shorter period.

Therefore, stocks of hospital medicines should be considered as an “umbrella of stocks”, including our common strategic stocks, stocks at the regions’ hospital pharmacies, and stocks at suppliers.

Individually they are important parts of the complex work to secure supplies of medicines for patients at public hospitals in Denmark.

Pandemic confirms that Denmark has a strong setup

It is essential to secure continued supplies of pharmaceuticals to Danish hospitals during the corona pandemic. It is also vital that we build up a buffer stock. This is only feasible through close cooperation between Danish hospital pharmacies, the regions, organisations, authorities and pharmaceutical companies.

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Strategic stocks

Procurement and supply

Amgros informs the hospital pharmacies when we have set up an agreement to purchase a pharmaceutical. After this, hospital pharmacies send their purchase orders to the supplier

Strategic stocks

Back orders

Back orders of pharmaceuticals is a growing challenge globally. The problem arises if a supplier cannot meet demand from hospital pharmacies.


Charlotte Meinicke

Head of Procurement and Supply

My job is to help chart the strategic direction for procurement and supplies of medicines and hearing aids in close cooperation with hospital pharmacies, hearing clinics and suppliers. This secures more cost-effective healthcare solutions.