Horizon Scanning

Horizon Scanning provides Amgros with an overview of pharmaceuticals, extensions of indication and pharmaceutical forms that are expected to be marketed in Denmark within the next two to three years. This enables us to plan future processes in the Danish Medicines Council, prepare upcoming price negotiations with suppliers, and to organise our tendering procedures in good time. We also prepare financial estimates for the Regions, so they have a good foundation for their pharmaceuticals budgets.

Amgros works systematically to establish an overview of the future opportunities for pharmaceuticals treatments. Since January 2017, with Horizon Scanning we have forged a complete overview of the new drugs, extensions of indication and pharmaceutical forms we expect to be marketed on the Danish market in two to three years. We assess where the pharmaceuticals will be used in treatment and for how many patients. This is in close cooperation with a number of Danish medical specialists.


Our estimates and forecasts provide a qualified foundation for assessing how much the Regions should appropriate for pharmaceuticals in the future. Danish Regions use the estimates in their annual negotiations with the Government on finances and the individual Regions use them in their own budgets.

The estimates take account of increased costs of new, expensive pharmaceuticals and possible savings, for example if there are cheaper biosimilar drugs on the market.


Among other things, we use data from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and supplement this with knowledge from commercial databases and selected newsletters from throughout the world.

Another important source of information is meetings with businesses in the pharmaceuticals industry. These give us in-depth knowledge about the products manufacturers plan to market in the years to come.

Read more about our pipeline meetings.

Moreover, we participate in international conferences and congresses, as well as national networks with competent experts from hospitals and pharmacies. This dialogue increases our specialist insight into the area.

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Horizon Scanning

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Horizon Scanning

Find your way through EMA

We monitor and register applications from pharmaceutical companies to the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Horizon Scanning

Horizon Scanning overviews

Horizon Scanning prepares lists of applications under preliminary evaluation by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The lists give an overview of applications we expect to have achieved specific status phases in the EMA process at a given point in time.

Horizon Scanning

Pipeline meetings

Pipeline meetings with pharmaceutical companies are an important source of information, when Horizon Scanning forecasts the future drugs on the Danish market


Helle Bräuner

Team manager

I’m responsible for building up and developing Horizon Scanning at Amgros. We spot all new pharmaceuticals on their way to Denmark. And we have particular focus on hospital pharmaceuticals