Amgros is a politically controlled organisation. The Board comprises elected representatives who are appointed by the five Danish Regional Councils. The Board is elected for a four-year period.

The Board at Amgros has seven members. Each Regional Council appoints one member to the Board from among its members. However, the Regional Council for the Capital Region of Denmark appoints two members to the Board, while the other four Regional Councils alternate to appoint an additional member.

Members of the Board and proxies are appointed for a period following the electoral period for the Regional Councils. Following the regional elections in November 2017, the Board at Amgros will sit from 2018-2022.


Per Larsen

Conservative People's Party

North Denmark Region, chairman

Annemarie Knigge

Social Democratic Party

Region Zealand, deputy chairman

Henrik Fjeldgaard

Social Democratic Party

Central Denmark Region

Freja Södergran

Danish People's Party

Capital Region of Denmark

Anders Koefoed

Denmark's Liberal Party

Region Zealand

Lars Gaardhøj

Social Democratic Party

Capital Region of Denmark

Photographer: Anne-Li Engström

Lars Mogensen

Danish Red-Green Alliance

Region of Southern Denmark

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Executive Management

The Executive Management at Amgros is composed of Flemming Sonne, CEO, Trine Kart, Deputy CEO and responsible for Business Development and Advisory, Dorthe Lindegaard Berg, Automation and Quality Director and Nina Uldal, director of Tendering Procedures and Negotiation. Meet the directors here.


About Amgros

Amgros secures the supply of drugs and hearing aids to public hospitals and hearing clinics. We do this through efficient procurement and tendering procedures.