Therapeutic areas with analogue competition

When several pharmaceuticals with the same clinical effect are made available on the market, analogue competition is possible. This takes place when the Danish Medicines Council prepares treatment guidelines and cost analyses and Amgros conducts tendering procedures.

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When several pharmaceuticals with a uniform clinical effect become available on the market, there is the possibility of analogous competitive exposure. This is done based on treatment guidelines from RADS (The former Danish Council for the Use of Expensive Hospital Medicines) and the Danish Medicines Council.

Based on the Danish Medicines Council treatment guidelines and the cost analyses, Amgros prepares and implements tenders. The Danish Medicines Council uses the result of the tender to prepare a recommendation. An extended comparison has not been prepared in RADS’ treatment guidelines.

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The recommendation is published on website of the Danish Medicines Council.

Amgros monitors the regions’ compliance to the recommendations by preparing quarterly monitoring reports (only available in Danish).

The process

We have drawn up a figure that shows the process for therapeutic areas.


Photographer: Anne-Li Engström


Therapeutic areas with analogue competition

Price negotiations and tendering

Amgros manages procurement of almost all the medicine used in Danish public hospitals. It is our task to organise tendering procedures for pharmaceuticals so that we cover hospital needs

Therapeutic areas with analogue competition


Danes are living longer. And we can treat more diseases, because new and better drugs are entering the market all the time. This is good. But it’s expensive. Therefore, it is important that we are at the forefront of market developments.


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