Authorisation to manage medicines

This page contains our authorisation for wholesale distribution of medicines within the EU/EEA, as well as authorisation to handle psychoactive substances.

Because Amgros secures the supply of medicines for public hospitals by procuring, reselling and storing medicines, according to section 39 of the Medicines Act (Lægemiddelloven) we must also have an authorisation. Our authorisation for wholesale distribution of medicines within the EU/EEA is here.

Amgros is also authorised to handle psychoactive substances. The authorisation from the Danish Medicines Agency is here

Read more about authorisation and registration on the Danish Medicines Agency website:

Medicines during the Corona-pandemic are supplied in close cooperation with the Danish Medicines Agency

During the corona pandemic, it is vital that we continue to secure supplies of medicines to Danish hospitals.

At Amgros, we had already pulled out all the stops, even before the first Danish COVID-19 diagnosis.

Now we are concentrating on securing that supplies of medicines continue as always, in close cooperation with hospital pharmacies, suppliers and wholesalers. However, this time in very close and strong cooperation with clinicians at hospitals, the Danish Regions, and not least with the Danish Medicines Agency, which in the specific situation controls overall efforts to secure supplies of medicines and medical devices.


Photographer: Anne-Li Engström


Authorisation to manage medicines


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Authorisation to manage medicines

Procurement and supply

Amgros informs the hospital pharmacies when we have set up an agreement to purchase a pharmaceutical. After this, hospital pharmacies send their purchase orders to the supplier

Authorisation to manage medicines


Amgros has its own stocks. This helps further secure supplies of medicines. It provides greater flexibility, because we can supplement hospital pharmacies' own stocks, and we can buy larger batches of supply-critical medicines.


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